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Steve Walsh

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Mortgage Banker

Steve Walsh

Steve grew up and attended college living in a small rural community in Southern Illinois. His ethics and understanding of a hard day’s work were instilled in him throughout his youth by his family and the local farming community. He graduated from South Central High School, advanced through Kaskaskia Junior College with an Associate’s degree and received his ultimate Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois, in 2003.

Quickly diving into his career he learned the ropes of the mortgage business by working in a family associated brokerage office. He processed his own applications, did his own financial underwriting and loan processing, even pricing loans and locking in rates for the clients. Basically he worked the loan from start to finish and gained very valuable knowledge within the workings of the Mortgage industry. Steve credits this industry wide knowledge with providing him a depth of expertise that enabled him to survive the ups and downs within the industry. Those Brokers/Originators that only worked on the sales side of the industry have come and gone in recent years; whereas due to his knowledge of all aspects of the industry Steve has been able to continue to work in the industry and has maintained an active mortgage broker’s license since 2003.

Steve is happy to report that he has been able to help hundreds of clients purchase and finance their dream homes or save money on a rate lowering refinance in recent years providing them with an economical advantage and providing him with a lot of job satisfaction to this point in his career.

Phone: 727.678.8173