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David Krebs

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Mortgage Banker

David A. Krebs

David A. Krebs is a Mortgage Loan Officer at Champions Mortgage, LLC, concentrating on jumbo and luxury condo financing, renovation financing, new construction financing, and foreign national financing. With more than 13 years of experience in real estate lending, David has an extensive background in underwriting both residential and commercial loans, credit analysis and portfolio management.

A graduate of Mars Hill College, David began his career in the financial sector working with Wells Fargo, and American Home Mortgage, as a mortgage consultant. Winning recognition quickly as a top performer, David established his reputation as a natural leader in Miami’s financial industry.  More recently, before joining Champions Mortgage, LLC, David continued to gain valuable insight from the lender’s perspective by working at Landmark Bank and TotalBank as an assistant vice president, senior credit analyst.  

There are significant benefits to having a trusted mortgage broker by your side. A mortgage broker deals with multiple lenders and can find the right fit for each client. David has the ability and flexibility to quickly shop for loans at several lending institutions to secure the very best interest rates and terms.

 In addition, David takes the time to explain the legal aspects of the loan to the borrower as well as the payment terms and clauses. From helping borrowers gather necessary documents to securing appraisals and titles, David makes the entire process much easier for everyone involved. 

David is well known for his integrity and sensitivity to different clients, and he would consider it a privilege to work with you.

 David also seeks to build upon his mutually beneficial working relationships with real estate associates or brokers, interior designers, architects, financial advisors, accountants, real estate attorneys, divorce attorneys, and other banks and lending institutions (e.g., mortgages that fail to close)."

Cell: 321.239.2781