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Adam Zima

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Adam Zima

Adam is the President of Champions Mortgage, overseeing all aspects of the company. He has been quickly and aggressively growing in the mortgage industry since 2012, when he started a processing company. Adam has a passion for helping people, no matter the circumstance. He has proven this with seven years of service as a law enforcement officer.

Adam has developed his passion for helping people into strategic home ownership partnerships with financial institutions that sets Champions Mortgage apart from all other lenders. He has coordinated with one of the country’s largest banks to streamline their Community Revitalization Act lending program for the state of Florida. He is also working with several non-profits to make this program accessible to everyone in the state. Adam believes in a one stop shop approach and has overhauled Champions Mortgage, from broker to full servicing lender, to be the one stop shop for industry professionals.

Adam has been invited to write articles for Scotsman Guide, which is the leading resource for mortgage originators. Most recently he was asked to conduct an interview with Mortgage News Network, to inform and educate mortgage professionals all over the nation about the industry.

Above everything, Adam feels that family always comes first. He is a dedicated husband and proud father of two. He carries this value over to the workforce at Champions Mortgage, where everyone is treated like family from day one; and by everyone.

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